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Insplanet is a well-known site for many, for example, when comparing insurance prices. Something that has saved many visitors a lot of money by being able to make a better choice. The same idea lies behind Loan and Credit, which is a company owned by Insplanet.

That’s why Loan and Credit works as a loan broker


This means that you submit an application for a loan to Loan and Credit and they then forward this application to the lenders with whom they cooperate. These come back with an answer saying what conditions they can offer. You as a customer can then choose the lender you like best, which is very likely to be the lowest price.

This way, you only need to submit one application but get answers from several lenders. Something that gives you a greater chance of getting as low interest rates as possible.

Another advantage is that a request will also only be registered with UC. Something that does not put you at risk of getting too many inquiries there, which can otherwise be a problem when borrowing money. Nor does it cost you anything at all to use this service.

What you can apply for


The loan that you can submit an application for is a loan of USD 10,000 at the lowest and where the maximum amount is USD 500,000. The maturity is 2 – 15 years.

When you apply, you should say what you will use the money for. Examples of their alternatives are if you want to collect expensive loans for a bigger cheaper, plan to buy a car, plan to renovate, do a trip or you can answer other questions on this question if you intend to spend the money for something completely different .

What you choose for any option here will have an impact on what your offer will look like. Then of course you should tell the truth about the plans with the money.

If you submit your application on a weekday, you will usually receive a reply with the various offers within 24 hours.

Who can borrow via Loan and Credit

Who can borrow via Loan and Credit

To be eligible for an application, you must be at least 18 years old, have no payment notes and have a fixed income of at least USD 10,000 per month. A credit check will be performed and this will show if your finances are good enough for the intended loan.

If you want, you can have a co-applicant. Something that usually makes it easier to be accepted in an application, as two economies are usually stronger than just one.

Loan and Credit offers the following types of services:

  • Borrowing of private loans from USD 10,000 up to USD 500,000.
  • Borrowing of car loans.

If you think Loan and Credit is something for you, you can go directly to their website by clicking on the link below (this is an external link to the lender’s own website). Here’s even more information about different types of loans, interest rates and fees.

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